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Hopefully, I can outline this entire situation properly, as I only know half the situation.

RINC moved from Selaggis to a hidden system. Per our deal with the Trade Federation, we were given the needed materials and credits to replicate our old base exactly.

This included a Shield Generator from our original budget.
Being a mercenary group, that datacard was not given to us.

Originally, we thought we could simply hold on to the generator until we started construction on a second. I was informed this would not work.

My second option was to contact an ally that did have the datacard, and hae them build for us. I did this, and we were accomodated.

Now, a member of their group came to our base for the construction. Its the first time either of us has done this.

1. He's on the crewlist for the ship housing the materials.
2. I gave the group the exact materials for construction.
3. I assigned him 3 RINC Builders.
4. He's waiting in the right spot for construction.

But construction has not begun because, for some reason, the shield generator is not on the form for Facility Permissions.

I'm open to any suggestions. Maybe we have missed something, maybe its a bug, I have no idea. I will see if I can get any additional information about the situation.

Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
Well an obvious question would be does the guy have build privies for his group?

Good point there. Your end seems fine, Roy... I'd check with whoever you're trying to get to build the stuff.


Patriarch of House Ismay
If this is the guy you mailed me about then the problem is that he has zero privs in his group.


Kids these days!
I found another issue when I was speaking with him yesterday after starting this thread.

He's technically part of the group I spoke to about the work. He's part of a nationalized group working for them.

Unless that group has the datacard you need, he can't help you.


Patriarch of House Ismay