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Archives » Problem: Position marked as "no position" after selecting starting location
Phyron Ryu
Phyron Ryu
Ok I went to the position control, and chose a starting position in the Ryloth Welcom Center (I am a twi'lek). When I go to the postion control, it gives me this message:

Your character has currently no position.

Please select a starting location in the travel section.

If you are joining a faction, you may choose to start in their HQ by joining them first.

When I try to choose a location it says this:

You already have a location.

When I try to move around in the "travel" button, it only lets me go to three rooms, (starting room, halway, faction's halway) and never changes the lower room picture.

What's going on here? I can't talk to anyone, see anyone in the rooms, or move.

Year 6 Day 268 16:36
George Pertunis
George Pertunis
Try doing a complete refresh of the page. Press and hold ctrl and click the refresh button, if you are using Intenet Explorer. For firefox press and hold shift and click the refresh button. This forces the browser to get the page from the server instead of the cache.

Year 6 Day 268 17:17
Kalese Wei
Kalese Wei
I had the same problem (in Falleen), used the refresh solution mentioned above, but still can't move south. The screen just refreshes to the first room I was in, either the entry room, or the shipwright room.

Please help me get out.

Year 6 Day 268 22:49
There's a major problem with refreshing in SWC presently. You just have to keep refreshing the page.

Hopefully they fix it soon. The Sim News post was entirely unhelpful, especially consideirng many people CAN'T use Internet Explorer as the Combine doesn't even like logging in with it.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 269 1:20
The refreshing-bug should be mostly fixed now, so please try again. If it still doesn't work, please make a post in the bugbase (link found in the menu, near the bottom).