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Year 10 Day 29 10:56
Gideon Stargazer
Gideon Stargazer

I am the owner and faction leader of a small recycling faction named ZeroGravNomads.

I discovered today that my own privs do not seem to be working and I can not change or reset my own privs. I get a message saying "You can not access or change your faction leaders privleges", which of course are my own. This was not the case a few days ago before the recent patches...

Any suggestions?

Best regards,
Gideon Stargazer

edit: I spent the 45k and "changed" myself to the Faction Leader even though I already was and the privs came back. However, I still can not access/change the Faction Leader privs even though I am the owner of the Faction. That could cause issues in the future when I assign someone other than myself as the Leader.

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Year 10 Day 29 13:16
The faction leader automatically has all privileges. That's how it's always been. Why would you need to change their privs?


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Year 10 Day 39 16:46
Gideon Stargazer
Gideon Stargazer
Huh? Why would I want to regulate the pivs of who I assign faction leader of my Faction?



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Year 10 Day 39 17:04
This isn't a suggestions forum. Faction leaders receive full privs, and that has always been the case. Reading your first post, I'm not sure what it is you're having trouble with, unless you are trying to unassign privs from a leader, which is not possible.

Year 10 Day 39 18:54
Gideon Stargazer
Gideon Stargazer
I was answering the question he asked...

After that particular patch I lost the ability to do any assigning of privs even though I am the owner and faction leader. I resolved it by paying to make myself the faction leader and all my privs came back. Problem resolved.


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