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Year 10 Day 29 19:26
Matheteis Eimi
Matheteis Eimi
Has there been/will there be consideration regarding the impact of piloting skill on the actual ability to fly a ship? If you have a Capital Ship piloting skill of "0", should you really be able to jump in a huge ship and pilot it around the galaxy from day 1 of your inception? Especially if there is no lower category that inhibits an individual from having the necessary basic skills in which to pilot a ship (other than race restrictions). It just seems odd that every new member comes intact with the ability to hop in any kind of vehicle/ship and fly it around. Not sure that everyone in the Star Wars universe could fly ships.

While I can kind of understand being able to fly speeders, vehicles, etc without any skill, I think flying ships might be a stretch. It would be nice to make the word "pilot" worth something in SWC! :)

Been wondering this for awhile now....

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Year 10 Day 29 22:10
Piloting improves your speed when flying that type of ship. As the character skills rule page lists the piloting skills as fully implemented, it is doubtful that any changes are still planned. Possibly in combat, but certainly not for standard flying. Since piloting is the primary source of transportation and XP here, it is intended that everyone can do it, with the sole exception of races with specific restrictions.

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Year 10 Day 32 7:41
If you want an IC way of thinking of it, imagine this: My character wasn't spawned as an adult from the ashes of a specific planet. IC, he arrived at that planet, after a prior history that took place before his arrival in the combine. He learned to fly, he learned to fight, whatever. The skills he developes here, by way of XP for example, are just added to the skills he brought into this part of his story. I would imagine that most people feel the same. They have a history, a past, and for most who would participate in the combine I would assume that history includes learning to be a pilot. The combine just allows them to build on those previous skills.


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Year 10 Day 33 20:29
Matheteis Eimi
Matheteis Eimi
Then taking SWC as a template, that would mean that everyone's past included being able to pilot ships. Again, a highly unlikely situation. A character's past may or may not include learning to pilot ships, vehicles, submarines, or anything else other than your own two feet (or four or six, or one!). It's just that you have chosen your character to have a history that allows for that--and that works for you, but that can't speak for every case.

Syn's answer was sufficient for me. If that is how the SWC designers decided on implementing these aspects of the game, then it's fine with me. :)

Year 10 Day 33 22:05
ICly, it is intended that all PCs (aside from races with piloting restrictions) be able to pilot ships because we are the main characters here. NPCs, on the other hand, which constitute the vast majority of galactic citizens, cannot pilot anything at all, and at most pilot NPCs may have some limited uses, but will also not be able to independently control entities the way PCs can. Consider yourself, and all other PCs, the best and brightest of their races.



Year 10 Day 35 3:35
Matheteis Eimi
Matheteis Eimi
From that perspective, that makes a bit more sense. Thanks. :)