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Archives » How "Bug reports Form" works?
Year 6 Day 269 21:37
Ron Engine
Ron Engine
I have a problem and I have tried notify this on Bug reports Form.
It ask me to login.
It ask my username and password. But my handle and psw didn't work.
I tried signup to new account, but it not works too.
What's wrong?


For remember:

Year 6 Day 270 0:12
The bug base is a separate system to the game, you need to register a new account there.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 271 3:46
Ron Engine
Ron Engine
To new account it ask my username and e-mail.
I told my username and e-mail.

IT didn't ask password. I thought it send me via e-mail.

I have wait over one day but I haven't get any message to my e-mail. How long must I wait? Or have this somethign magig trick I haven't noticed?


For remember:

Year 6 Day 271 4:02
I've reset your bug base account password, there should be an email at ''.


Kids these days!