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Year 10 Day 37 9:13
Sanatana Profigous
Sanatana Profigous
I know I have said this already, my friend forgot his account name so decided to apply again, yet again he sent an e-mail multi-accounts. The next day he came round my house and went into his e-mail, to find that his application had been denied on the grounds that it was a multi-account on my computer. The e-mail said to contact multi-accounts about this problem if you hink it was wrong, but the thing is he has done it twice and not received a reply either time...

Can anybody help me and my friend in this matter?


Year 10 Day 37 9:45
Creating another account is never the solution, and will get him banned if he is found to have more than one account here. All he needs to do is use the Lost Password feature on the main page to have the information resent to him, or he can provide us with his e-mail address so we can look up his account name for him.



Year 10 Day 37 10:54
Sanatana Profigous
Sanatana Profigous
Ok thanks, but thats the thing, my mum wipes the information on the computer every month and he didn't write down his e-mail, so he forgot the address.

He would ask you about his name if he had the e-mail, but like I said, he has forgoten it :(

He said he thought it was something like Satuiab or something like that...