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Archives » problem with getting a holo
Year 10 Day 45 18:56
i can not get a holo mail account i press for a free account but it just goes straight back to the first screen i was on

Year 10 Day 45 19:39
It shouldn't be doing that; it should be taking you to a 404 page that says "The requested URL /email/scripts/free was not found on this server." :P

You can make a bug report if you like, in case there isn't already one floating around, but as I recall, this has been a problem for quite some time, so it may simply not be high priority. I'd recommend getting a webmail account from a larger provider that won't experience such issues, like gmail, just to be on the safe side.



Year 10 Day 45 20:39
i wanted to get a Holomail account because the galactic market found

Here: http://www.swc-gm.net/register.php

askes for a combine e-mail

Year 10 Day 45 20:44
That just means the e-mail you are registered with on the SWC site (preferred mail address), not a holomail account. I believe it's a security verification that the person signing up really is the owner of that Handle.


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Year 10 Day 46 1:54
thank you for your help