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Year 10 Day 45 22:39
I'm trying to pick up my NPC at:

Sector: Trax
Galactic Position: Dresscol (245, 310)
Planet Position: Ker-Meh II (3, 12)
City Position: Valley of the Jax (duracrete 108,000 Units) (1, 1)
Ground Position: (2, 14)

but now that i'm there, i cant descened due to a a shield gerator. I tried contacting the person i got the NPC from and no reply. There is a ship in the atmosphere but when i looked at the owner i tried to messege them and it said person doesnt exist. It also says that Ker-Meh II isn't owned by any faction so anyone got any suggestions?

Year 10 Day 45 23:16
You can try to land outside of the shield generator and cross-terrain into the city you're trying to get to. The only other way is to discover and contact the owner of the shield generator and have yourself added to its crewlist or have it lowered.

Year 10 Day 46 0:14
That's what shield generators are designed to do. You'll have to resolve this yourself using IC methods... or write the NPC off as a loss.


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Year 10 Day 46 6:29
Damn, i cant find anyway on. The shield is around the whole planet since its so small. Theres no where else to alnd and i cant find who owns the generator.

Year 10 Day 46 11:43
you could try adding a thread in the traders lounge, its sort of trading related.
someone might know the owner of the SG



Year 10 Day 46 12:46
It could be owned by Kir Jax, just guessing by the Valley of the Jax thing.


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