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Year 6 Day 273 14:23
Jagurr Aklice
Jagurr Aklice
Ok, this is the problem I have:

I set my coordinates to the B-3 Outer Rim, from the Orus sector, when I clicked go to, it went to the page when you hit "enter cockpit", at the top, where it says "ETA" it said: Government, Black Sun, I thought, no big deal. So, after about 2 & 1/2 days, I logged in, becuase that was the "ETA" before I clicked "go" When I logged in my XP was 388 out of 1,000, (it was 180 before I set my coordinates) So that meant, I made it. Then I checked the "Sim new", GNS News, and General Events, it said I had some new ones. But when I clicked on them, they where the same events, & news as the ones before I set my coordinates. But after I clicked them, it said I don't have any new event & news. But, (this is where the real problem begins) when I clicked on "Enter Cockpit" my XP went back to 180 out of 1,000 and it said there was new "Sim News", "GNS News", & "General Events" When I clicked on them, they were the same as the ones before. But, when I go to "Members Area" my XP goes back up to 388 out of 1,000, and it says that I have no new "Sim News", "GNS News", & "General Events" Then, I went to Problem Center and typed this out. What do I do, if there is something I can do about it and will it stay forever (I didn't really know where I would post up this problem so sorry if I posted it up in the wrong place.

Jagurr Aklice

Year 6 Day 273 18:15
trying refreshing your page A LOT

but its a problem happening frequently. its with the Cache server, just clear your cache server and everything should be back to normal

Cache Clearing Instructions:
In Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache > Clear

In IE: Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files > Check 'Delete all offline content'

Edited By: Casari Star on Year 6 Day 273 18:19
Year 6 Day 274 14:52
Jagurr Aklice
Jagurr Aklice
Ok, I did that, but my situation is still the same. Will this be a permanent problem, and is the problem on my PC, or on the Combine???

Year 6 Day 275 3:19
It's a problem on your PC as a result of something that was on the Combine. Have you followed the cache clearing instructions Casari gave?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 277 14:17
Jagurr Aklice
Jagurr Aklice
Yes, yes I have, and I'm getting so confused, because it says I'm still on Tatoonie and it says new news, and new events, but they're the same as before.

Year 6 Day 278 1:16
oki, try Firefox.


Kids these days!