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Archives » Removing players from crewlist
Year 10 Day 62 9:58
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
I have read in the rules and throughout the forum that if you are dropping some one off, you can remove them from the crewlist and it dumps the player as long as your not in space, orbit, hyper and so on.

I am in a rush, and while the person I am dropping off has been very helpful I think our times are off and I need to make another pick-up which is time sensitive. I removed the player from the crewlist but it still shows them as being a passanger on my ship? I descended to the ground and aside from docking some place there really isn't a whole lot more i can do? Am i doing this right or do i need to dock to do this, which would make sense.

Year 10 Day 62 10:04
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
If they're in the entry room then you can kick them from your ship. (if you're on ground level) Just go to the entry room yourself, and press the kick button.

Year 10 Day 62 10:46
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
Perfect, it worked. The problem was that the portion that says kick was actually hidden from my view on the screen and since there wasn't a scroll bar on the side I had no idea it was there. Problem solved and thank you fro getting back to me so quickly.

Year 10 Day 62 15:59
That is odd Jahat.

Oh and Ten, you can kick from anywhere on the ship, not just the Entrance Room.