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Year 10 Day 73 23:52
I don't know where to post this, or if anything can be done about it. I received an anonymous dark message today that said the following:

I know your secret past, I know it all

I don`t have a past! I have not even been a member of the combine long enough to have a past. This is my first character and will likely be my last. This is creepy. I realize that the admins are limited in what they can do about such matters but I hope that something can be done. I give full permission to admins to sign into my account if that will help to find out whose behind this.

If you need to know anything else that can`t be discussed in a public forum for any reason, feel free to DM or email me.

The reason it creeps me out is because I also seem to have been blocked from IRC. Both of these events occurred within 24 hours of each other and I am curious if there is a connection.

I don`t want to quit the combine, but I am here to have fun and not to be harrassed by some creep. It`s just not worth it.


Year 10 Day 74 4:49
Just ignore it. If it keeps happening on a regular basis, then you can send an email to the admins. Most likely its some new player that is having a go at blackmail, and failing spectacularly.


Year 10 Day 74 11:51
I know who sent it. I also know who you used to have as a character, so please don't pretend you're brand new to the game. Thanks.


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Year 10 Day 74 11:55
Tony Barzini
Tony Barzini
Also, the administration wouldn't be required to log onto your account, obviously using admin tools they can do what is necessary. Also a one line anonymous message saying how he "knows" your past it is hardly creepy, and more lame than anything. This being the first time I think you just slightly over reacted, and like previously stated, if it continues blahblahblah.


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Year 10 Day 74 13:18

I have never had a different character!


Why would I state that if it were a lie? Does it help my situation? NO. I do have a registered multi account, which I share with my husband, who has played this game much longer than I, but I have never had another character. Why are you so ignorant and quick to say things you really know nothing about? My husband was right about you. You're an insufferable, pompous, uneducated, ass. So you know who sent the message, and you don't care. So as long as people are on your side, they can get away with harassing other players? You sicken me.

As far as why it creeps me out, it's only because as I stated, it happened at the same time as my being blocked from irc happened.

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Year 10 Day 74 14:21
bwahahahaha! roflmao! You are such a dumbass Wilhelm. Every time you open your mouth shit just pours out! It's true, this is Tolas first character, and I know because I introduced her to the game. Grow a brain, and learn to think before you speak! I know, this will get me banned from here, but it's worth it. You're such an idiot!


Year 10 Day 74 14:24
From the guy with a clown having his head blown off in his sig..sorta ironic.



Year 10 Day 74 16:48
Tola I would advise the same. I once got one that said I might be banned for my roleplaying. The next day it said he was banned for advertising his site.


Year 10 Day 74 18:02
Indeed it is Artemis... You really shouldn't have opened your mouth Shani, you made a bit of a fool of yourself.
And yes Tola, simply ignore the DM, people will often use them to rattle your cage... I once received an anon DM threatening of my impending doom, well, actually a few times....but atleast one of the senders has lost his ear to me.. *ahem.* Just ignore it, or let the sender when and draw more attention to yourself in a bad way.


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