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Year 10 Day 77 1:12
Pretty sure I know the answer to this one but just want to be sure. The rules say a faction name must be 'original'. My question is can a faction name be an offshoot of an existing faction without their permission. For example would someone be able to create for instance 'Dark Jedi' as another Sith organization even though the Jedi faction would likely not appreciate 'their' name.

Obviously the history would reflect why the faction is named as such but is this allowed?


Year 10 Day 77 2:14
As "Dark Jedi" is as canonically different a term, really, from simply a "Jedi" as "Jedi" is from "Sith", I don't think it should be disallowed on the basis of unoriginality.

Then again, we have an Intergalactic Banking Clan and an extremely unoriginal Intergalactic Bank, so I say to knock yourself out tiger.

Year 10 Day 77 2:16
Both were canon banking groups, though it's THEORIZED that the Intergalactic Bank was a member of the Clan. So you can't really call one original and the other not, Mikel.


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Year 10 Day 77 2:18
Sadly, SWC has no rules governing what you can and can't use as names, as long as it isn't directly in use by another group. We also have a lot of people who lack any kind of decency and respect, so apparently anything's fair game.

You might get in trouble for something like "The Real Galactic Empire", but even then I have to be dubious, given some things that have been allowed.


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Year 10 Day 77 8:03
Ahh gotcha. Thanks for the answers guys. The name that I'm considering shouldn't be a problem then as it distinguishes itself from the 'main' faction and it has a EU background. (So I ain't just pullin stuff from my other furry round side.)