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Archives » Corporate Sector Authority stealing bandwidth
The current leader of the Corporate Sector Authority and it's affiliate factions is currently stealing bandwidth from the owner of the site www.csauthority.net owned by the character known as Dreks Selmur.

The current leader does not have the permission to use the site in anyway but is still linking to www.csauthority.net

Further more CSA and it's affiliate sites are in violiation of combine rules and do not have any of the following

# IC Description of Services Offered: Governments - Constitution/Laws; If you don't offer services, still need a page saying so.
# IC History of the Faction: May be fabricated, must not use any canon character, or canon events past SW: A New Hope, must be at least 150 words in length, must pertain to the faction.
# IC Text: This can be anything from news, information about the faction, descriptions of faction branches, etc.. May be spread over the website, must amount to at least 150 words.
# IC/OOC Join Information: Must clearly state the procedures set by the faction for applying, or an application form, or whom to contact. If you aren't accepting new members, then you must say that
# Vertical Banner (468 x 60 Pixels)
# Horizontal Banner (60 x 468 Pixels)
# Logo (70 x 70 Pixels)

I think the week they have had to get everything in order since their bullshit take over is enough time to get these issues rectified.

Is anything going to be done about this or is it going to go into the too hard basket?


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I would like to point out that UNB is not included in this list as I made a kickass site for it in about 20 minutes. :P

That is all!

1. Your post:
Zorran Black
Year 10 Day 74 22:10

The leadership change event:
Year 10 Day 72 :: Max Solusar, the leader of Corporate Sector Authority was replaced today by Orphaea Imperium.

That's not a week, by any stretch of the imagination.

2. Has any attempt been made by Dreks Selmur to contact the new leader of the CSA and inform him that he does not have permission to use that webspace? If so, how long has passed since that contact, and was any response received.

3. Did you at any point send the information directly to someone capable of actually running a faction check (an Asim, for example), or did you just come here to post a forum thread to have another public bitching session about the takeover?

Seriously, how long is this going to go on, and exactly how petty are you going to get? Any sympathy I may have had for CSA over the cheap tactics used to change ownership of the faction has LONG since been burned away by the incessant threads and the inability to show any respect, decency, or adherence to appropriate protocol to anyone involved, be it Admin or GE people.

I'm beginning to be glad the GE stole the faction out from under you, and starting to wish you'd all just quit over it already!


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He has indeed, and I am working with those in the Empire to replace all the materials and get websites functional. However, as Hal pointed out, it's been two days, and there's frankly been more crap in the immediate aftermath to deal with. As it is, I've had three consecutive days of not going to bed until 5am over this stuff.


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Bandwidth theft is something you need to work out with the hosting provider and not with SWC, which has nothing to do with third-party websites.

As far as I am aware, there are no faction checks going on, but I'm sure that during the next check all websites will be considered fairly, including the multiple other sites currently in violation.