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Year 10 Day 80 10:42
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
CSA matter concerns me. It can happen to any faction and be made by any faction or one person. One of main rules in SWC is that all actions requires some time to do.

The SW Combine is played in "delayed real time". This means each action consumes some time.
In order to solve the problem of time differences between different players around the world, a time delay is added so some actions will last longer in the SW Combine (a few hours) than in real life (a few seconds). This will allow the other players to react to events happening to them while they are not connected.

- Rules Pages

As it was said it's to let people reaction time. If it's required to wait 24 hours for repeat arrest against ONE person why it's possible to take over whole goverment and it's affillated factions in much less time? Even though it was said this whole situation was not against rules, actually it is against golden rule and whole delayed time idea.. I hope someone answer me that - why such takeovers are possible in such way - this is not game played by few friends on LAN there are people from all world, and noone can expect us to sit here 24/7 only to not be stabbed within few minutes. There should be time delay, BIG one, to let people react at actions taken against them. Please reconsider this and may someone of staff answer this because this is *big* flaw to make such powerfull change in galaxy within minutes. It's not just about CSA, it's about all factions. Thanks.


If You don't live for something, You will die for nothing.
Year 10 Day 80 11:49
The idea behind time delay I think was more for actions and travelling. Some actions do not take any time to do at all, like picking up an item, or booting someone from your faction. I guess ICly all the faction-member-booting can be seen as happening via some computer network, so those former members' privelages are immediately nullified.

Year 10 Day 80 11:57
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
Still main idea behind it - to give people time for reaction is not valid here. Each action against player should have possibility to defend against it, otherwise it's just simply unfair because, as i've said noone can sit 24 hours a day..


If You don't live for something, You will die for nothing.
Year 10 Day 80 12:04
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
At some point a cut off is needed as to what should and shouldn't be delayed real time.

Should a delay be incorporated into booting from a faction? If so do you get an event warning you that you are being booted?

If a delay is incorporated for booting then it is logical that a delay should be there for joining a faction as well.

Do we also put in time delays for sending credits or making over items?

The one place where a delay should be, and I am sure will be soon, is brawling as that can seriously injure a character in no time. We have been told that brawling may use the combat rules soon so shouldn't be discussed though.

Really this argument and numerous recurring threads about the CSA should now be earning immediate forum bans as they are getting quite tedious.

Year 10 Day 80 12:48
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
Maybe you didn't noticed, but it's not just CSA and GE in this game and any faction can be affected by any faction/person. Brawling have nothing to do with it, as it's your sole decision and you fully intentionally going into 'fight'. It's not done by tricking you, it's not done when you're offline - you may get into brawl any time and at any time break it. Taking over faction in matter of hours sounds just ridiculus considering even *preparing* weapon to use will take longer. Anyway, main problem is that any action of player affecting negatively another player SHOULD have possibility to react against. Either automaticaly either by allowing affected player (here: group of players) to react. I hope you guys on that dev meeting are discussing it too and will give us some solution which will give fair chances for both sides in such situations.
If you, Ka'rla consider anything related to CSA (here CSA is only EXAMPLE, not subject), then maybe use some content filter or stop reading forums. It's general issue and serious matter, not just about those guys.

Edited By: Keram McDlanar on Year 10 Day 80 12:50

If You don't live for something, You will die for nothing.
Year 10 Day 80 15:43
Well this sounds like a suggestion that should be email to Togan for the Dev Meeting and not an issue that needs to be posted on the problem centre, in a forum about stuff needing database changes.

So in conclusion, closing.

Also will close any other topic that isn't a personal problem that needs someone with database access (who btw is at the dev meeting).



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