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Archives » Question for Devs: What kind of alcohol was served?
31% of active players are in the top five factions, so that's 1351 gone out of 4361. That leaves us 3010 players to split between the rest. 1395 are freelance at any given time, still not having joined a group, some are intent to remain that way, but most will simply go inactive in a week and leave the game. There's not a great deal of chance to "increase the percentage of freelancers who join factions" simply by dissolving factions they might join...

That leaves us 1,615 players to fill all the factions other than the Top Five.

There are 25 different factions that currently control sectors, and we can assume the new rules will mean one or two more will make a grab at sectors currently lazily held by the NR or GE that can easily be taken? So that's another 880 players gone, just to keep those governments going at the bare minimum to avoid dissolution. (That's only for governments that will otherwise meet the requirements, I'm not even taking into account the fact that a dozen governments might all suddenly grab/buy sectors).

So now we have 735 players, to divide into 18 different categories of faction types. Right now, every government has an average of 1 Nationalised Faction, so we can assume that those 25 Governments that will come out of this move will each keep a (mining?) faction open, so that's another 250 players gone from the playerbase just to keep the centralised power structure of mega-corporations running. We're down to 485 players with which to prop up all remaining factions and figure out who'll survive.

That means, IF WE PERFECTLY BALANCE EVERYTHING, we can have 40 factions in the game...and there are 18 faction types. That means an average of two factions per type, only two Item Producers, only two Ship Producers, only two Security Forces?

Please tell me what type of alcohol was served at this event, I want to buy it for consumption before all major decisions in my life in the future.


I'd like to know the same.

Time until this is locked "for your own protection":

3.. 2..

Can I get a few bottles to hand out to people at NorWest Con? This would SERIOUSLY make up for the fiasco at Rad Con due to not having "At the table" signups. Drunk people are SO much easier to convince that they do NOT want a stupid handle.


Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock
Other than Togan and Sin, if i recall correctly, none of the people attending the dev meeting are either in or leading factions.
It seems the faction leaders are the ones who will have to deal with the fallout of this decision. So, in my eyes atleast, it might have been prudent to atleast have some type of thread up in the faction leaders forum to atleast check the temperature of faction leaders.
It would appear that this is a decision made from an ivory tower by players who have maybe forgotten what it is like to recruit people and how to keep them involved with the game, because they have (long since) not been playing members of the combine.

I would simply ask that the Dev's please think about the new features and such, and consider the responses before making a final decision.
That's not too much to ask is it?

...Also, can you pass the bottle this way? >.>


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Dorn Zeke
Dorn Zeke
Perhaps I misunderstand exactly what faction merging is...and so please forgive me if this is dead wrong...

I thought faction merging would give one faction all the DCs from the previous faction - so say if NR takes its nationalized ship-building faction and merges it into NR, then NR has all of the ship-building DCs. Instead of the 45+10 requirement this once was, it means the minimum is 45, since there is only one government faction.

Or, would this not be possible because the production rules require a ship-production faction to be manager/owner (as applicable) to actually produce ships?


"Faction merge will allow the owner of a faction that owns at least 95% of the faction stocks to request a merge with another faction of the same type, for a fee."

The NR and their nationalized factions are different faction types, no?

Kaylin Sanguine
Kaylin Sanguine
If you've a spare sector, you can lend it to your Nat, pump them with the extra members the RA and GE have lying around, make them a gov, and merge because you are now the same type. Then you can rinse and repeat. The costs are immaterial given how much they bring it.

End result: GE and RA hold insane amounts of datacards. An uberfaction, if you will. Or perhaps a "Generic Faction".

Perhaps next we can introduce fuel, and only let the big governments produce it. Thats also restricted.

Kaylin, you miss the obvious fact that a government faction loses the abilities of it's old type. It does the governments no good to merge with all their nationalized factions, as they lose the benefits those factions offer. Merge with your shipyards, and you then can't use your datacards. Merge with your religions, and you can't build or manage their facilities. Merge with your info factions, and pay full price for a GNS. If this has a change, it will mean only that each govt has a SINGLE nat of each type, instead of 2 or 3 just for the datacards.

A "generic faction" refers to one that can DO anything, not simply to one that has a large number of resources/datacards.


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Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
Nah, Generic Faction will be next step, when GE and NR will merge. And then they will exchange all datacards into two: to produce fuel and food..


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Hal - It'd give DC security though. One group could own all the DCs [that they can get their hands on], then just assign them to their production NATs. This would remove a large amount of the risk, as the leader of the NAT wouldn't have control over the DC any more.

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Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Or assign them to an external faction and eliminate all your own membership problems.

No reason to have two threads on the same topic. Closing.


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