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Year 10 Day 83 1:45
Don`t know if this is the right forum as this is a question not a problem. I have a Polis Massan character and I notice they have no mouth so how do they eat?

Year 10 Day 83 1:47
Eating is Not Currently a Function in Star Wars Combine so Don't worry

Year 10 Day 83 8:55
Maybe go read up on them on wookiepedia or such like. I think it could be that that is a mask of some sort, though I could be wrong.


Year 10 Day 83 12:53
Thanks for the replies. But what if I want to RP him eating?

Year 10 Day 83 13:28
I'd just not specify HOW he is eating. If you can find how they eat/drink on wookiepedia then i would put it in there.

Year 10 Day 83 13:34
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Who knows, the rules say they have an Osmotic Membrane for a face which might mean they absorb nutrients through that?



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Year 10 Day 83 22:19
Cheers guys, maybe they photosynthesise or something lol