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Archives » Inventory (Credit Transaction) Request
Due to the recent takeover of UNB by the GE and the resulting chaos I have lost a large amount of credits. I understand this isn't Admins problem. But here is my problem: the new leadership of UNB will honour my account if I can prove my transactions.

So my problem is that I need to see my transactions between myself and UNB. Archive view won't show me anything. Is there any way I can get Admin to send me a copy of all of my transactions with UNB? Thanks.

Durac Brightlance

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You should probably include rough dates so its easier for them to narrow it down.


Well, the rough dates are for every transaction I have ever made...sorry its a long time, but I'd say from the time I joined the Combine (latter half of Year 9) to present. I hope it helps a little. The account was worth at least 7 million credits, so I'm a little choked to be losing it.


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Year 10 Day 87 21:17
So, to formalize the request in Combine Lingo:

Between year 9 Day 219 and Year 10 Day 70 I sent an amount of credits to Universal Network Bank. There are a number of transactions, more than 5 and probably not more than 10. If I could get the exact amount of credits transferred, that would be wonderful. The credits themselves are in deposits ranging from 500K to over 1 million, and the total number of credits across all transactions should be in excess of 7 million, perhaps 8 million.

Thanks. I hope that is enough information to help you find it.

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wouldn't the previous owner of UNB have these records? couldn't you just ask him/her for it?


I have, to no avail. Despite my asking for the records, in any form, he won't give them to me. Not that he denies it, but he simply does not respond. He has, however, insisted that the new owner of UNB won't accept the old records as valid for whatever reason. THe new owner has reccomended that I ask the admins for the information, and here I am.


I\'m off to polish my horns!