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Archives » Are Medical kits reusable? And other medkit questions!
Example 1:

I have a medical kit and a bacta refill, and out of nowhere a coverall-wearing noob with a knife jumps out and stabs me.
I kill him and proceed to treat my wounds...

I lost 17 HP (7 from the noob's knife and 10 from the blast of my rocket launcher) and the medical kit restores 7 HP.
I now still have 10 HP less than my maximum HP, so here's my question:

Can I reuse the medkit and just get another bacta refill? Or do I need a whole new medical kit? If it can be reused, how many times is this possible?
If it can't be reused, what happens to (other medical) items I may have stored inside my medkit? Do they drop to the floor? Disappear? Explode?

More questions...

Do you load bacta refills into a medkit the same way you do with a bacta tank?
If not, then how do you?
Does a medkit "come with" a bacta refill in the sense I only need a bacta refill to reuse it
(which would mean that I can use it for the first time without a bacta refill)?

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Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
Yeah, med kits needs bacta refills (1 per use), can be refilled multiple times. I doubt they come filled, unless you'll specifically order one.


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Next question:

Ok, so the rules mention that certain wounds can't be treated with cartain medical
items, and uses the example that you can't treat a blaster burn with a bacta patch.

My question is, the minimum HP restoration of a bacta patch is 1 HP, so am I garunteed
to get at least 1 HP from it even if the bacta patch is unsuitable to treat that wound?

Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
The example said no. If the HR is too low then the bacta patch will be ineffective and you will need to use a medkit.