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Year 10 Day 89 6:46
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
If the datacard is removed before construction is complete, manufacturing stops until the datacard (or an exact copy) is returned.

- Datacard rules

If a datacard is unassigned from the facility/station it won't affect any started projects, only queued projects.

- Production rules

So, where's the truth?


If You don't live for something, You will die for nothing.
Year 10 Day 89 11:23
As far as I have been able to determine, a started production run which has the DC pulled will run until 99% completion. The DC needs to be reassigned to finish.

Without the DC, the qeued runs will not start.

Year 10 Day 89 13:01
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
Queued yes, but it's uncertain with already started. Your production could good enough stuck because of bug (i.e. my ammo boxes were finished half hour AFTER eta passed, even though there weren't such complications as removind dcs, pausing nor anything else). No offence but I wish someone from administration to clarify it and (eventually) fix rules descriptions. It looks confusing..


If You don't live for something, You will die for nothing.
Year 10 Day 89 13:59
I recently produced a ship whose DC was removed from the shipyard about 25% of the way through, and it finished fine.

Year 10 Day 90 4:17
Once a project has started production then the datacard is irrelevant. The datacard rules page needs to be updated.