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Year 10 Day 89 13:36
Idealy, What should one have to start a fation?

Year 10 Day 89 13:44
Members. You ideally want to have enough permanent members to keep the faction afloat, but you also want enough to do the work your faction will be doing.

Assets. You need credits, to build cities to make more credits, buy what your faction needs, and pay your members.

Ships. They are usually the most important asset a faction can have, because while they can give you capitol, they are also how you're going to move members, vehicles, items, rms, etc. They're the heart's blood of any real faction.

Determination. If you're not willing to push hard, don't bother.

I'm sure others will give you more detailed information and such, but that should give you an idea, the rest is really up to you and the members of said faction.(Or soon to be faction.)


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Year 10 Day 89 22:47
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
Volk gave some ideas, read the rules on Faction creation.

Here is what you need:
1)An idea what your faction is going to be (deciding what will be the most effective).
2)Starting cap-it's needed to make a faction (depending on the type)


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Year 10 Day 93 10:10
Thanks for the segestions.

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