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Year 10 Day 91 0:14
After having been completely inactive on combine for over a year, I've finally found the time to return to this game. My aim is to start over, purging this old character (which I had hoped would have been erased for being inactive for so long) and starting with a brand new one. I've arranged to have myself executed which should hopefully happen in the new couple of days, but I was wondering (hoping) that due to my long absence I could be spared the 3 week waiting period. I understand that it was my responsibility to have my character erased before my hiatus, but unfortunately I was drawn away from the game and before I knew it, months had gone by.

I hope it's not asking too much, since my word can only go so far in saying I'm not doing this with any intent on exploiting the game. All my possessions are being returned to my faction and I won't be seeing them again on this character or the next, and as far as I know this character is a Force Sensitive anyways. I've simply been gone awhile and want to start fresh, without having to wait almost another month to enjoy a very enjoyable game.

Year 10 Day 91 1:02
They won't kill or delete your character for you. Sorry.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 10 Day 91 1:03
That's not the issue. I'm having my character killed, I'm just hoping that I can get around the wait period to start over since I've already been inactive for so long.

Year 10 Day 91 1:53
The standard time frame applies regardless of previous inactivity. This however doesn't mean you can't participate in OOC forums.


Year 10 Day 91 9:09
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
why start a new character.

If you've already got xp no need to throw it away. Least that's how I look at it :)


Year 10 Day 92 6:23
Luna Vox
Luna Vox
If they change the wait time for you then they will ahve to do it for everyone else. You will just have to wait. During that time you can still get ready for the new character/faction/whatever.



Year 10 Day 92 11:09
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