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Year 10 Day 93 16:37
Ranakin Groundrunner
Ranakin Groundrunner
My name is Ranakin and Im stuck in a vehicle I borrowed from a foundation a year ago I recently started playing combine again and Im stuck on the vehicle and cant contact the owner its a YT-2400 GWF Trickster I cant even remember what planet Im on can an Admin please reset my location or help me out please?

Year 10 Day 93 16:55
Ranakin Groundrunner
Ranakin Groundrunner
Can I remake? Or is there another option?
I think I found out I cant delete BUT Im stuck on the ship what do I do?

Edited By: Ranakin Groundrunner on Year 10 Day 93 17:10
Year 10 Day 93 17:10
Usually the admins will either let you drop your character and start over,
but sometimes they'll teleport you off the ship.

Year 10 Day 93 17:19
Ranakin Groundrunner
Ranakin Groundrunner
Thanks alot! But how long could I expect for help?

Year 10 Day 93 18:19
GWF Trickster probable belongs to the Galaxy Wide Fund. Try sending a DM to Zeta Blix.

Year 10 Day 93 18:21
Ranakin Groundrunner
Ranakin Groundrunner
Thx I'll try I remember now its been a LONNNGGGG time since I've been on thats the guy I need to talk to thanks alot.

Edited By: Ranakin Groundrunner on Year 10 Day 93 18:24
Year 10 Day 93 23:04
Have you tried contacting the owner through the link on the Position page? Normally the admins don't interfere until you've done so and allowed him some time to respond.



Year 10 Day 94 5:52
Ranakin Groundrunner
Ranakin Groundrunner
That was the very first thing I did. I got this ship from the Galaxy Wide Fund like 12 months ago and was the pilot now I cant remember where I am I know Im in a docking Bay probably Tatooine I cant remember LOL. Im stranded because of my stupidity I cnt even exit the ship.

Year 10 Day 94 6:36
Hey I sent you a DM