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Year 10 Day 94 11:55
If you have a stealth skill of 5, and somebody searching for you has a perception skill of 5,
then that means it is impossible for you to be detected because your stealth skill is
always equal to or greater than the sensor power of that character, right?

What items can be used to detect these people?

Thermal goggles?
Biological sensor pack?
Multiple sensor pack?

Ship sensors (if greater than 5) could detect you too, correct?

What if you were wearing camouflage gear and were in a camouflage tent?
would that mean that your stealth skill is 7?

Year 10 Day 94 12:47
A skill cannot be increased above 5. Items are supposed to be modified to give equation bonuses rather than skill level increases.

There is supposed to be a random element to the stealth equation so that there is always a chance of someone with equal perception spotting you. The information on the Character Skills page says something different from the Scanning page, and I'm not sure which - if either - accurately reflects what is coded.


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Year 10 Day 94 13:04
Year 10 Day 94 17:28
I have a feeling that stealth skill doesn't matter to ships sensors. I know I've been in a sensor 1 ship and seen people but when I've popped out I cannot see them. What their stealth level was I am unsure.


Year 10 Day 94 18:14
Interesting, I guess you're right. What about ECM, is that basically "stealth for ships"?

Year 10 Day 94 21:58
Exactly that.