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Year 10 Day 100 15:54

When combat comes out which will be better for combat?

Namana-class Light Cruiser
Kaloth BattleCruiser
Lancer-class Frigate
Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser
Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser

Is this better than all of them?

Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser

Year 10 Day 100 16:16
The one which keeps you alive in battle...

Year 10 Day 100 16:18
I think he meant which one if more powerful and most deffencive?

Year 10 Day 100 16:27
Tony Barzini
Tony Barzini
/me directs you to Pozz, who sells ship compare software...


\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the terrorists, disarm the president, and kill the hostages...\"
\"Disarm the hostages
Year 10 Day 100 16:32
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
Thats like asking which faction is better...it's all personal choice, read and compare stats and pick the best.

Here is a hint..find the one with the most maneuvering speed and biggest firepower.


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Year 10 Day 100 17:10
Ill say the Super Star Destroyer, but like Lexxa said, thats just my opinion.....

Year 10 Day 100 17:26
On the other hand Joe, that wasn't one of his options.

In any case, by the time combat comes, its entirely possible that the stats for those ships have changed, or something else like that that could cause any speculation to be moot.


Year 10 Day 100 17:38
The one that isn't where your enemy is. When combat gets implemented it's going to be less of WHAT your flying, and more of WHO your flying with. Safety in numbers and such.


Year 10 Day 100 19:32
Tyrie Da`jek

Did you know admins and mods can see IP addresses of all who post on these boards?



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Year 10 Day 100 20:08
Yea I know that. He asked me the same question and I told him I didnt know to post on the forums. Qual Kisto is my son, were registered multi accounts, I was just intrepeting what I thought he meant as his post didnt seem clear. I dont know why he didnt log in and post it.

(He made the first post.)

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Year 10 Day 100 21:05
It's a subjective question and needs to wait for combat rules. In the meantime, all of the ship stats are public on the ship rules.