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Year 10 Day 103 10:01
Bane Longstrider
Bane Longstrider
Ok, I know that people have probably heard and asked this question a million times, but how do I get off of my starting planet? Also, why does it say that there are people in the room that I'm in and yet none of them talk to me when I talk to them?

Year 10 Day 103 15:47
Bane Longstrider,
there are two types of 'people' in the game.
a) NPC. They usually do not talk back. Tutorial NPC just answer with a small advice
a) real people like you and me. But due to different time zones it is rather rare that you meet and talk with the ingame-means. People prefer to communicate with mail, e-mail, ICQ or in IRC.
And of course in the starting locations are lots of characters of inactive accounts.

To get off of your starting planet is possible in different ways.
The most prominent answer would be "Join a faction (group of players), get employed and then assigned a ship."

I would just recommend you take some time and read the Guide and the FAQ.
(links are on top of each page)


Year 10 Day 106 8:15
Bane Longstrider
Bane Longstrider
The thing that I am having trouble with is trying to enter into a building. I just don't know how to do that and from what I have seen, the guide really doesn't explain much on how to enter into a building. XP

Year 10 Day 106 8:29
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Buildings are either owned by Darkness, the game (NPC), or by a player/faction. If the building belongs to the latter then enter is determined by the owner. If the owner only allows certain people in then any visitor will not see any option on how to enter.

If you can enter a building then an enter button will be displayed next to the building on your position travel tab, you will need to select enter first though where it says terrain, cross terrain etc.

Hope that helps.

Year 10 Day 106 18:37
Jake Henderson
Jake Henderson
OK but if im in a building how do i get out

Year 10 Day 106 22:09
Position -> Travel -> move between rooms using the arrow images until you find the Exit Room, which will display a button to exit the building. To identify the exit room floor pattern, you can click the Room Map Legend link under Position.

Year 10 Day 107 11:52
Actually, if you're in the building you started in, then you spawn in the exit room. FYI