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Year 10 Day 104 6:33

Hey guys, so I keep having trouble logging in to SWC from work. If I try to get on with Internet Explorer it fails almost every time at the start page. I login and immediatly it refreshes the login screen and puts "Your session expired. Please log in again." under the SWC logo. It continues to do this usually. I set my cookie settings to the lowest but it didn't help. I also downloaded Mozilla browser and it will usually let me login through the main page, but then if I go to my messages, or my Position screen, or anything that opens a smaller frame in the middle of the screen then it shows the main page in the frame and has me login to it again. Usually at this it won't take my login and everytime I enter it just refreshes like IE does to the main pages and displays "Your session expired. Please log in again.".

Any ideas?

Year 10 Day 104 7:28
What's your handle?


Year 10 Day 104 12:55
Linden Rathan. I couldn't login earlier. Mozilla lets me login at the main page but usually still gives me that error when trying to open internal frames.

Year 10 Day 104 16:18
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Tony Barzini
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Year 10 Day 105 11:33
What are you talking about, Barzini? IE still has the same problems with SWC as it has always had, and we still strongly recommend Firefox. However, that's unrelated to this particular error, and will only become relevant if further login problems occur.

Added you to the login exception list, Rathan.

Year 10 Day 105 15:48
Alright. My IE at my apartment never has given me any troubles, so I figured it was some sort of settings but I couldn't see anything that would have caused this. After I made the first post, I didn't see any problems while using the Firebox browser but before I posted it did it a few times to me on the internal frames like I desribed above.