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Year 6 Day 285 13:09
Lance Acewind
Lance Acewind
for some reason it always makes me remake my charcter
when i go to finsh it it takes me back to the start
is there anything i can do

Year 6 Day 286 1:30
1/ What is the last screen you see before it sends you back to the beginning?

2/ What version is your browser?

3/ Are you using a template or manual creation?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 286 13:10
Lance Acewind
Lance Acewind
1. Error: the last operation you tried to do failed because you supplied faulty information, please try again following the instructions. You made a mistake when selecting skill levels. Please try again!

2. konqur or spelled something like that.

3. I tried both.

Edited By: Lance Acewind on Year 6 Day 286 13:24
Year 6 Day 287 1:38
2/ Go to Help > About and it should show you the version of Konqueror

Try creating your character again. I've added a lot of debugging information that should appear if the error occurs again.


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Year 6 Day 287 11:17
Lance Acewind
Lance Acewind
It worked thank you very much.

Year 6 Day 288 4:10
no worries


Kids these days!