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Year 6 Day 286 0:19

Followed All steps in thelogon problems section, I have installed the firefox browser as suggested, but i still cannot access! Need help!

Year 6 Day 286 1:23
The login page is refreshing?

If so what is your handle?


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Year 6 Day 286 10:33
Jason Sheldon, It did let me on for a few minutes a moment or so ago, but now all I get is the login page. Please help, Thanks.

Year 6 Day 286 10:37
Why can't I get into my own account but still use my Handle?

Year 6 Day 286 10:54
It is still just refreshing, no matter how many times I try it just Won't login! I really wanted to become part of the swc because I heard it was brill but I can't do anything, please help me, and "May the force be with you!" on your quest to solve the problem!

Year 6 Day 287 1:45
If you are posting here by that handle then you are in your account and logged in. Follow the instructions below for clearing cache. I've changed your skin from the default one so that if you're logged in you'll notice it because the site changes to a green theme.

##Cache Clearing Instructions##
In Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache > Clear

In IE: Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files > Check 'Delete all offline content'


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 287 10:12
It did work for a while but when I try to click on anything, e.g. messages, it goes back to the login screen, should I just give-up?
I think You've got a great website and I would love to be part of it in some way but I just don't think It'll let me, I'm having one really bad day!

Year 6 Day 288 4:09

1/ What version is your browser?

2/ Did you try the cache clearing instructions I gave you?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 288 8:56
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6, and I have been following instructions.

Year 6 Day 288 9:20
Wait, seems to be working now, sorry for wasting your time, and thankyou for taking time out of your busy schedule to deal with my request, you truly are an honourable young sir. That posh for thanks!

Year 6 Day 288 9:41
no worries :)


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Year 6 Day 290 23:46

Yo Khan I cant get into the IRC!!! AIM me at EJSOCOM or email me I need my account back!

Year 6 Day 290 23:50
dealt with on IRC


Kids these days!