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Year 10 Day 124 5:11
Is there a tag that lets you skip to different oarst of a long post youve wriiten e.g

1) intro
2) roll call
3) agenda
4) signing out


roll call


signing out

and instead of going all the way down to the writing just clicking on the numbered titles and being immediatly at that section?

Year 10 Day 124 5:15
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
if it accepts normal HTML then use an anchor tag.

Year 10 Day 124 5:51
its the combine forums so yes but what is the anchor tag its not listed?

Year 10 Day 124 7:31
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
This is a link pointing to a tag.

Probably best to view the source for this as you cannot post code snippets on the forum, or if you can I'm not sure how that works.

Or read here

Here is the tag

Year 10 Day 124 7:57
ok th you ill try it and see how I get along with it

Year 10 Day 124 10:48
Go to w3schools.com, it is the (free) official WorldWideWeb Consortium's lesson-filled website.

Year 10 Day 124 17:50
Xim Reyes
Xim Reyes
I'm going to substitute the angle brackets with [] for this post.

[a href="#id"]This will be the link you click[/a]
Remember you need the # sign to make it an anchor link or else when you click the link you'll find a page not found message or something waiting for you.

[div id="id"]The text the link will direct to[/div]
That's the anchor your link will point to.

Also, if you've already made something like a header or paragraph, you can do something like this:
[h2 id="id"]The text the link will direct to[/h2].
The ID attribute works for most elements.

And just for future reference: HTML Dog is a very simple reference guide for CSS/HTML. W3C is okay but I thought HTML Dog was more helpful. ;)

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Year 10 Day 125 15:38
Thanks very much youve all been very helpful :)