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Year 10 Day 126 5:09
Tycho Celchu
Tycho Celchu
Recently, an items faction dissolved that had the sole rights to a few datacards.

When that faction disbanded the datacards went bye bye, including all assigned out cards leaving those items removed from the game completely for the time being.

Can admin/asims please work something out regarding these cards as the help room has been asked a dozen times so far regarding what is happening with them and complaining because they lost the ones they had assigned, not to mention people trying to claim them for their current group since no one has them.

Bang your heads together and work something out please (a sim news would be nice too).


Year 10 Day 126 8:20
its been said before that DCs lost due to dissolve would only become available again with R&D.


Year 10 Day 126 9:04
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
What would happen if a faction like Galindas,with their monopoly on player A/E..ala stuncuffs.. went down?


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Year 10 Day 126 9:40
Then you'd have to wait for R&D to research and develop a new Stuncuffs datacard, or use the ones you currently have/are available on the market.


Year 10 Day 126 12:09
Azhrarn Amaratha
Azhrarn Amaratha
i can imagine they existing stuncuffs would become quite valuable. :P


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Year 10 Day 126 16:18
I've contacted the Admins about AAI dissolving. I was selling the shell to another items faction to merge the two, based on the SimNews about the new rules and the merge capability, as I didn't want to see the datacards lost either, and do not have the time IRL to look after the faction. When AAI was dissolved, it happened in mid-trade, while under the ownership of the middle myself and the buyer had agreed upon. There was no need for the dissolution of the faction, and I haven't seen anything yet regarding whether or not the rules did, in fact, change, or if the merge faction capability was even implemented.

As I mentioned to the Admins, there was no need for the faction to dissolve, as I could have very easily put enough assets back into Arakyd to prevent bankruptcy until those rules were straightened out. That message was sent days ago; I have yet to receive a response.


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Year 10 Day 126 18:50
Tycho Celchu
Tycho Celchu
its been said before that DCs lost due to dissolve would only become available again with R&D

- Tye DeMeer

Then make a Sim News post please regarding it so we stop getting people every day in help room asking for the cards.

Year 10 Day 127 1:13
I´m not in the position to do a simnews about that. Although I think it has been posted there before, but long time ago could also have been stated during last years dev meeting either on the public Q&A logs or directly on simnews. but not sure.

If it dissolved "per rules" I doubt admins would restore the faction. If you intended to merge it with another group would have been your responsibility to make sure that the faction would fulfill all the requirements while doing so.