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Year 10 Day 129 13:17
Hello, I know your quite busy and you might know about the following issue but I am having troubles in training my npc's. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. The training manual suggested that npc's experience the same way as I do. I travel on surface alot and I have been previously gaining quite alot of experience but since I got assigned with those npc's, I stopped gaining any exp as well as my npc's. I tried it again many times thinking that it might be some kind of error in the Combine but nothing does happen. High-ranking officials in my faction are already notified on this and suggested me to approach an admin.

[image removed for security purposes. please contact for image]

As you can see here...I have been going back nd forth in the refugee camp at Shesh VI...with no avail or in other words...no gain of exp to neither me or my npc's...you can also see here that i have successfully added them to my party below the highlighted area...at my character info part...i have some exp but that was gained before i was assigned with these npc's...nd it has not yet moved ever since...

[image removed for security purposes. please contact for image]

Here you can see my party list, I kinda zoomed out 2 get a general view of all the npc's...You can see here at the highlighted area that there is definitely no exp gain for my npc party whatsoever.

[image removed for security purposes. please contact for image]

Here you can see that I attempted 2 reassign an npc over to Sub-Archon Teenek Ta'ash as he has previously suggested as a solution 2 my predicament...yet you can see here that I "successfully" AND "failed" to hand the npc over to the Sub-Archon...obviously the npc is still with me nd assumingly this is a bug as i have tried it over nd over agen with different approaches and up 2 no avail...

Any urgent advise is helpful. Thank you very much for the time.

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\"...a vendetta\"
Year 10 Day 129 14:03
The XP problem is a known bug and is currently being worked on.


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Year 10 Day 129 18:19
You also may want to remove sensitive information (XP, location etc) in the future - you may not be in such a secure location in the future.

But yes, its already been reported.


Year 10 Day 130 15:43
security methods are in place. any admins who wants to use my images as a reference, please contact me. thank you.


\"...a vendetta\"