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Archives » Problem with definition of "free" email addresses.

Ok long story short I want to register for the game but apparantly my email address that I have with MSN isn't up to standards? I wasn't aware that was considered a free one. Sure wish someone had told us before we paid all that money for it per month. So basically I just want to know why I can't register even though I don't have a free email address.

Also this is the ONLY site I have had a problem using my email that says you can't use free ones like Yahoo or Hotmail. Thanks for any help.

Year 6 Day 287 14:54
It's because for awhile (unsure if they still do this) Hotmail allowed people to choose between @hotmail.com or @msn.com e-mail addresses.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 288 20:40
Joring Bersa
Joring Bersa
no i registered this account with an msn email. Now you have to pay for an msn email account (unless you already had one before they started chargeing you money for it) SO if it says @msn.com it should work.

Year 6 Day 289 12:19
I saw someone with a gmail email address before, isnt gmail free?

Year 6 Day 289 13:19
Yes. However once you're in SWC, you CAN change your address to a free one. I use Yahoo myself. However when I joined, I used a... Verizon one.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 291 3:35
It is also the case that this rule was only implemented in the past few years. Therefore, it is possible that you will encounter veteran players who were able to register with free e-mail addresses (or handles which would no longer be considered valid). What people are using at present isn't really a good example, since many things which were once allowed, no longer are.



Year 6 Day 291 15:16

So basically I'm never going to be allowed to play the game then? This is a paid MSN email account as my ISP IS MSN. No offense to the creators of this game though, but I'm not going to change ISP just to play the game. Nor should I have to. Because as of right now MSN email accounts don't work.

Year 6 Day 291 16:45
Well would it be reasonable to find a real life friend with a more useable email address? Then simply switch to yours later.

Year 6 Day 291 18:51
I have friends that use MSN and they joined fine.

Year 6 Day 291 21:10
Try joining now with @msn.com



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