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Archives » Where can i get a Blaster?/And how do i leave a Planet?
Ryan Dune
Ryan Dune
Im on Tatooine in Mos Espa, and the only weapons i found in the Shop here was a staffs and knives. Which buildings can i buy guns at? Because there only seems to be one Shop here. Do i have to travel to another city (how do i do that?). Also how do i leave this Planet? Do i have to rent a spacecraft?

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Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
As a more general advice, all equipment on the rules page has one or more factions listed beneath it. If you go to the websites for any of those factions you should see if any of them sell directly to the public. Alternatively the commerce forum also has a multitude of people who are also selling equipment although stealing is still rampant so care should be taken.

To get off the planet you can do several things:

1. Find an NPC starport so you can travel to another planet as a passenger
2. Join a faction who will loan you a ship and provide a salary so you can eventually afford to buy your own ship.
3. Click the support the combine banners to gain enough CP's until you have enough to spawn yourself an ETA2 or better. To access the CP pages click the number next to CP on the tab >> that away >>

You should take a look at the Guide, linked at the top of each page. In particular, the first week guide, reference sheet, and trading guide may be of interest to you.