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Year 10 Day 131 11:45
Stella Matyas
Stella Matyas
I've just got my first custom NPC and I'm not sure about a couple things...

1. When i select the NPC skills and I put a say 3 into non projectile or medical treatment, will the NPC act like a Melee or Medic?

2. How do I help the NPC gain XP?

Thanks for any help :)

Year 10 Day 131 13:21
Kai Oryk
Kai Oryk
1. No, the NPW skill will help your NPC's chances at successfully resisting an A/E attempt, but will not make them specialised in that skill, at this time anyway.

2. The main way of getting XP for that particular type of NPC is walking it around on the surface of a planet.



Year 10 Day 131 14:31
The walking around a city to get XP is currently not working. However, the admins are working to fix it.


Light speed is too slow! We're going to have to go right to...Ludicrous speed.

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Year 10 Day 131 14:44
Stella Matyas
Stella Matyas
ok...i was walking it...then i wasn't getting XP so i thought it was something else...thanks so much