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Year 10 Day 131 23:43
Ryan Dune
Ryan Dune
Ok so im in a Spaceport and i decided to hire 2 NPC's. A Offworld Transport one and a freighter pilot one. WELL THEY TURN OUT TO BE USLESS. The offworld one wont even talk. I click on "talk" and all i get is no words but the 2 circles in which you check to respond to the NPC's question. Except i dont see any text at all. Is this a glitch or is this old woman NPC a mute?

And the Freighter Pilot jawa one is usless to. He talks but gives me no useful advice. And seems to be a wannabe Han Solo saying he ran the Kessel run in 14 parsecs.

Did i waste my money for this? Am i doing anything wrong? I was trying to get off world, which is one of the reason why i got an Offworld Transport guide. But a mute one does not help me whatsoever.

Year 10 Day 132 0:20
If you're in a spaceport, you can actually book an NPC transport from there. Which will get you to anywhere else with a spaceport... but is pretty useless if you don't have a purpose in your destination.

I would recommend joining a faction, who can work on getting you picked up, assigned a ship, and help you get started in the game. They also provide a great resource of knowledge and for teaching you how to use the game features.


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Year 10 Day 132 0:26
Yes you wasted your money hiring useless NPC's.

You have hired a tutorial NPC that apparently hasn't been given a script yet, feel free to check the bug base for any reports and make one if there isn't already one. It still wouldn't be much help anyway.

You have hired a freighter pilot which currently has no use but in the future will probably be required for you to NPC other freighters in a squad when you're flying the same type of freighter yourself.

Neither will help you get anywhere at the moment. You either need to hire a player to transport you, join a faction and have them arrange transport or use the NPC transport service from a starport (by clicking actions on the position menu whilst inside the starport if I remember correctly).


If you are on a homeworld the NPC starport (indicated by a square blob in the corner city when viewing the entire planet) will let you travel to any other homeworld however that will be little different to the planet your on unless you actually have a reason for going there (i.e the faction you are joining wants you to get there.)


Year 10 Day 132 1:10
Ryan Dune
Ryan Dune
Ok thanks for the info.

Cant believe i wasted money on them :(

Year 10 Day 132 1:12
Don't worry, Ryan, it's really not a lot of money. Your first faction salary payment should more than cover it. You can also advertise them for sale over on the RPG Centre's Commerce board - someone might want them.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.