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Year 10 Day 134 17:46
Wow chill out Hal. After all, this is a game and we are playing around. We know it has been reported and what we say here wont speed up the process.

Year 10 Day 134 18:34
I really wish I would have seen this earlier... Any news as far as progress goes? I'd really hate for this to cause a problem... I mean, I'm not exactly on my own planet ya know...


Year 10 Day 134 18:46
Sol Mazer
Sol Mazer
Hey Hal,... care to step outside and say that? ;)

Ha! See, it's a joke... everyone stuck outside gets it I'm sure....

Volk, do you have the latest issue of "Scout Master?" The one I've been reading has lost all it's "newness." I've mastered all the knots for this issue during the loads of spare time I've got....

*goes back to playing with campfire*

Year 10 Day 134 19:28
Hey Volk, It has been reported. They are working on other bugs and have not got to this one yet. Hopefully soon it will be taken care of and we can go back to business as usual. Although I will be paranoid to leave my ship in the future :รพ

Year 10 Day 134 19:33
Nice one, Sol, I actually chuckled.

And perhaps I should have made it clear that I was replying to one specific individual who posted in two different threads on the issue. Those of you talking about camping outside your ships can at least see the funny side. Just hope you don't get spotted by one of the people who think this is a serious forum! ;)


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 10 Day 134 19:35
Out of curiosity, if someone is trapped outside their ship and they are arrested and/or executed because of the bug, I guess the admins would return the character/undo the arresting?

Not that I have any problems at the moment or will be near an enemy planet.


Year 10 Day 134 23:13
You beat me to it Ellias, that was actually my main concern...

I have the latest issue of 'Shoot to kill' how's that?

Year 10 Day 135 1:57
I hope they fix this soon. We have 3 newbies in our faction who are all stranded on remote planets unable to do anything because they can't enter a ship. It would be a shame if all three quit the game, which is quite likely because patience is shorter when you're new and don't have much time inveted yet.

Year 10 Day 135 10:02
Oi, I can identify with that. If I have run into this bug right after joining the game, chances are high I wouldn't have stuck around.


whatcolor_isblue.jpgTake the Magic: The Gathering 'What Colo
Year 10 Day 135 12:51
Frak Kel`Lan
Frak Kel`Lan
Any word as to whether this will affect boarding a space station or is it just a planetside thing?

And Sol, if you give me your coords, I'll gladly provide you with an airdrop of space marshmellows. You left most of the cargo bay full of them when you sold me the Albatross...

Edited By: Frak Kel`Lan on Year 10 Day 135 12:52
Year 10 Day 135 12:56
Ben Colin
Ben Colin
I just got a new ship afew days ago, im in the middle of a desert on tatooine. all in all this is really gonna get fun when the raiders get here.

Year 10 Day 135 14:27
Sol Mazer
Sol Mazer
Thanks, Frak! And Volk, send that mag over... I could use some pointers should anyone get the wrong idea (but then they would be stuck too :) ).

On a side note, I didn't realize this was a "serious" posting area... I appreciate that Hal pointed that out and hope these storm clouds over head don't decided to open up on me. *Smacking head with palm* Should've built the fire pit under the 1210! Gods have mercy!

On another side note, would anyone volunteer to contact the new guys and let them know through DM that this is not a normal occurrence? I'd hate to lose future players on a random hic-cup. I'll do it if their names are sent and I promise to be 100% professional about it. That comes with the Sol Mazer Guarantee, of course...


Year 10 Day 135 20:36
Frak Kel`Lan
Frak Kel`Lan
To answer my own question : No boarding a space station caused no problems with re-entering my ship.
And Sol, I'm tellin ya man, I'd be glad to off load these mallows. As soon as the Albatross starts to overheat, I'm stuck in a hot gooey mess...not much different than weeks spent alone in Hyper...just much more difficult to clean off.

Year 10 Day 136 9:02
Hey Frak, if Sol doesn't want those marshmellows, I'll take off your hands. Let me tell you, Snow Slugs never were the greatest tasting things around, and after eating them for a month... Well, you get the picture.

And I wouldn't mind contacting at least some of the newbies about this, and don't worry, I can be very professional when I need to be.

Edited By: Jaren Fearsore on Year 10 Day 136 9:03

whatcolor_isblue.jpgTake the Magic: The Gathering 'What Colo
Year 10 Day 136 9:14
Sol Mazer
Sol Mazer
Holy ish! I just got back on my ship! Finally, I can dry off and get moving!

I hope everyone else can get on their way as well. Good spending these last few days outside with y'all!


Year 10 Day 136 11:15
Praise be to the Force, my ship's systems are finally working again and I can board!

Nice meeting the rest of ya'll, and hope you can get inside your ships now too.


whatcolor_isblue.jpgTake the Magic: The Gathering 'What Colo
Year 10 Day 136 13:13
Thank the Prog! I don't know what you people did to fix this, but thanks. I can finally get back to transporting these items!


Interested in coming to my funeral? Talk to Mike Que-kara about getting on the guest list.
Year 10 Day 136 17:43
Sweet, great job on whoever fixed the bug. Also, it was nice meeting everyone here who was also stuck. Now onto the exciting task of prospecting after I shoot a couple of Banta for giving me a hard time. :p

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