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Year 10 Day 134 6:35
What is going on with this stuff?
I have 11 facilities and were making income all of them. Now for a few months back i am not receiving any income, why is that? I am owner and manager of all facilities and i have 3rd party lvl5 operator on them.
But i don't know why is there no income. I don't have any report on any loss or anything else either about income.
Every month there was income but now there is not 2-3 months back.

I am gratefull for problem solution.

Year 10 Day 134 6:56
Make sure your crewlist is open to all. If it is not open to all, you do not recieve/lose money come FI.


Year 10 Day 134 6:58
If you did not do anything different, either your operator was inactive at the time of the FI run, or possibly you were inactive at the time (I think you have to be active to recieve FI as well as your operator). Otherwise, were they powered?


Year 10 Day 138 15:30
Yes they are all powered and were making profit, that is why i am puzzled. I was active at least once a week logged in. I don't know about operator. I will change op to me and see what happens next.


Stiiw Fort
Year 10 Day 139 11:06
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
If it took you a few months to notice,my bet is you were inactive at the times FI ran


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Year 10 Day 139 12:28
Don't know. May be. Thx.


Stiiw Fort