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Archives » Bad Karma,handle change request
Year 10 Day 137 9:27
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
Oddly enough ,even though the current handle"Echinsu Ocha"is a character in the movie (Ace Ventura,Pet Detective 2),Which breaks the combine handle rules.I feel it has also been bad karma in my real life,as it means "White Devil".Since I have joined over a year ago,things in my life have gone down hill.I do not blame my handle nor the combine,as it has brought me a stress relief.I do feel a more relaxed state of mind if I could get the evil out of my name though.I propose the new handle of "Elyssa Osha"as it sounds the same with better meaning and suits my character aswell.If need be,I can list the change of name in my profile to whoever needs to cross reference trading history,which is extremely well.
I thank you for your time,

Quote from the movie-
Ace: "I couldn't help but notice that 'Echinsu Ocha' part. Did you just referred to me as 'White Devil'?"
Ouda: "This is how they know you."
Ace: "Leave that part out for now on!"

Link to the sound bite-

Year 10 Day 137 15:48
I do not blame my handle nor the combine 

Trust me, it really IS the combine if it only serves you as an escape from real life, because you always have to go back to real life and in that one combat, physical or psychological, is already in place. People benefiting from being part of the community are usually not ashamed ot admit it to their friends (that they play swc), and they get to meet other players and live in places where you can find them. :p


Good luck.



Combat please? damit... damn it to hell !!!!!!!!

Orphaea Imperium: Looter.
Year 10 Day 137 17:23
All handle change request need to be emailed to
Also all handle changes are posted on the SimNew. (Which then is posted on twitter and facebook fan page)



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Year 10 Day 137 17:55
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
I sent an E-Mail 2 days ago......
And what was that spew,Paparrin.didn't you read that I said it wasn't the combine.I should have thought better before choosing my current handle.I am church going and in present days ,fell it not right to push the devil name any further.strange as it is ,I posted the post here as others before me.and also once again,others don't read before they submit far as addiction,1 hour a day can't be that much.except for the days I have to land.

Posted for the Admins ONLY!!!!
for it they didn't get my E-Mail

EDIT:I took the little test of addiction and scored a 24,but that was because there was no "never" answers for things like checking my E-mail(Ex.)....hence this post so I wouldn't have to check my E-mail......
and whats with the "does not apply"if the question is there?

Edited By: Echinsu Ocha on Year 10 Day 137 18:04
Year 10 Day 137 22:16
With your new avy, I can't help but feel that you're simply trying to make yourself a new character without having to sun and lose everything....


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Year 10 Day 137 22:32
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
people change av's all the time till they get the right one,I couldn't come up with one good enough,so I just used my pic.besides,it's hard to play a gender ur not.people kept calling me HE.Also ,it is a rules violation to have my current handle.

EDIT:I can't help but feel people aren't paying attention to this post.It's about a handle change,not a skill point re-assignment,or a character makeover.

Edited By: Echinsu Ocha on Year 10 Day 137 22:56
Year 10 Day 137 23:15
Your character is male. You wanted to change that without sunning and losing your assets, so you decided to change your avatar to one of a female. Now you are coming up with an obscure reference to your handle in real life, so your handle can be changed to a more female name.

If your having that hard of a time with a male character, let him die.


Year 10 Day 138 3:51
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
there are some real stupid people here.would you like a link to my profile so you can read it and not understand that either you illiterate buffoons?this is why you are not Admins.Although I can not stop the retards from posting here,I can stop replying and wait for a real Admin.If they choose to not change my handle,so be it.But it is a rules violation.Its amazing that none of the other past handle changes did get this ridicule.and this crap is what I have received every time I make a post with this I will say this ONLY ONE MORE TIME and wait for an Admin to decide.......

Year 10 Day 138 3:51
This isn't a discussion forum.

The assistants will decide whether or not to change the handle when they get round to doing so, that is all there is to it.


Year 10 Day 138 8:31
YOU read what i said. I said it WAS the combine IF it served you for bla bla.... and if it didnt, then it wasnt. But your attitude and your intelligence are just wrong, no handle switcheroo is going to change that.

Thats what i get for trying to help people. And a word about religion: its supposed to be a source of peace and wellness, not fear and paranoia. You are getting it at the wrong angle.

Good luck mate.

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Combat please? damit... damn it to hell !!!!!!!!

Orphaea Imperium: Looter.
Year 10 Day 138 8:57
Gitane Z Demone
Gitane Z Demone
1. Your a male, no female name.
2. That is more of a description that a name in the movie.
3. Even if it were a name, you would have to change the last name.

Starting with those whom try to help you is not constructive...closed.



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