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Year 10 Day 138 11:36
Klex El-Nox
Klex El-Nox

I would like to have the DMs logs between Klex El-Nox and Seth Shepard for the past 3 months if possible and also an inventory invent of me sending 300k to the ship producing faction Telegron Rothani Shipworks 2-3 months back.

Thanks for helping.

Year 10 Day 138 18:19
I don't think DMs are saved like events, so if you didn't copy them or have them sent to your email your out of luck.


Year 10 Day 138 18:51
Unless something's been changed without notice, yes. They are saved in the DB.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 10 Day 138 23:04
Klex El-Nox
Klex El-Nox
I asked around if here is the right place to look for old DMs logs and got a positive reply.

Year 10 Day 139 1:34
I stand corrected then. Thought I had heard somewhere on here that DMs aren't kept. Ah well.


Year 10 Day 141 0:33
Klex El-Nox
Klex El-Nox
Any updates on it Mr/Mrs Admin?

Year 10 Day 141 4:06
Transaction -----------------

Y 10 D 66, 07:22:11 321348131 Credit You have sent 300,000 credits to the faction Telegron Rothani Shipworks with the following message:
Deposits for Zeta

DMs -----------------

"Y 10 D 134, 11:35:15","DM","Klex El-Nox","I want to prove to you that I am not lying because by the way you talking you mean that I am a liar. Without proofs I can't back my arguments, so I am looking for tangible proofs to show that I was not wrong."

"Y 10 D 134, 11:31:35","DM","Seth Shepard","I already gave you your money back you said you sent. What more do you want?"

"Y 10 D 134, 11:25:19","DM","Klex El-Nox","We can either deal with it privately or we look for public opinion, I don't like to be told that I am lying."

"Y 10 D 134, 11:24:04","DM","Seth Shepard","I am not going to argue with you. You got your credits back that you ""suposedly"" sent. Now get over it."

"Y 10 D 134, 11:13:30","DM","Klex El-Nox","I am retrieving the logs form the admins, and IIRC, you said you were out of Mel and not mats and you did not mention about the ""2 months"" and old DMs are archived I think so you might not remember the conversation, but its kind of unprofessional from you as you wrote down other people orders and forgot mine when you could have written it down as soon as you got my order?"

"Y 10 D 134, 11:05:40","DM","Seth Shepard","well thats interesting when considering I have no conversation logs except that last one from you demanding the 300k back, and if its true that I responded to any of your dms you would have been told like anyone else that we were out of mats for the last 2 months and with the mining bug we were stuck waiting. So there is a hole somewhere in your story cause I have 5 orders all written down and not a single one of them was for a zeta class shuttle."

"Y 10 D 134, 11:00:11","DM","Klex El-Nox","Well well, how could you forget, I reminded you several times in DMs when it will be completed and you continued to say I have to wait and wait and one day you did not even bother to reply my DM, and I did not give ultimatums with the ""s"", the only ultimatum or whatever you think it is, was in the message Year 10 Day 134, 0:49 I send you and you even don't know if I send money or not, guess its true since its been a long time I done it."

"Y 10 D 134, 10:44:15","DM","Seth Shepard","yea well I had to wait for the admins to get back to me about whether or not you accutally made a deposit but when you decide to be an ass and give ultimatems rather then wait I get sick of dealing with your stupidity and just sent the money you claimed to have sent. and don't worry we will refuse any business with you. So be an ass but go elsewhere cause i am not going to deal with your crap."

"Y 10 D 134, 06:11:48","DM","Klex El-Nox","Thanks for it finally after more than 2 months, I sure will recommends people not to come to buys from Telegron when the opportunity arouse. :)"

"Y 10 D 134, 02:01:40","DM","Seth Shepard","I am done dealing with you refund sent."

"Y 10 D 134, 00:49:34","DM","Klex El-Nox","Hey,

Can I know when the Zeta will be ready, its more than 2 months I been waiting for it, please make it over in 1 week or reimburse my deposit fee of 300k.


"Y 10 D 104, 00:05:08","DM","Klex El-Nox","Hey Zeta been produced Sir?"

"Y 10 D 85, 03:25:49","DM","Klex El-Nox","Understood."

"Y 10 D 84, 10:34:39","DM","Seth Shepard","Not yet we are waiting on Mel before we can produce"

"Y 10 D 84, 00:59:28","DM","Klex El-Nox","Hi
Any update on the Zeta ship been produced?"

"Y 10 D 66, 07:28:18","DM","Klex El-Nox","Counting on you Sir =p"

"Y 10 D 66, 07:26:20","DM","Seth Shepard","Klex,
No Problem I will gladly send you updates and when exactly it starts construction. Thank you for your business.

CEO Shepard"

"Y 10 D 66, 07:22:54","DM","Klex El-Nox","Money sent, do let me know when the Zeta is been produced and how much days remains.


"Y 10 D 66, 07:20:44","DM","Seth Shepard","Sent to TRS. No we do not assign but I can send progress reports. They are produced in a hidden system so we do not broadcast our whereabouts to the public. Less Clutter in our system you see.

CEO Shepard"

"Y 10 D 66, 07:10:25","DM","Klex El-Nox","Ok, the deposit is 300k for a Zeta, and is it assign to me as commander so I can note the progress of the ship? Furthermore the 300k deposits is to be sent to you Sir or Telegro?"

"Y 10 D 66, 07:08:00","DM","Seth Shepard","Nope Our forum is not completed and I do not use IRC"

"Y 10 D 66, 07:04:19","DM","Klex El-Nox","Can I be linked to any forum or an IRC room? So we can talk more easily."

"Y 10 D 66, 06:56:51","DM","Seth Shepard","Yes we are always taking orders. All you have to do is make the deposit. And I do not remember the exact time to produce less then 2 months.

CEO Shepard"

"Y 10 D 66, 06:15:43","DM","Klex El-Nox","Greetings,
I would like to know if Telegron Rothani Shipworks is taking orders for Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle and if possible how much time it will take to be processed?

Best regards,




So long, and thanks for all the fish...
Year 10 Day 141 4:18
Klex El-Nox
Klex El-Nox
Many thanks Sin.