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Year 6 Day 289 12:19
I am making a complaint against Willhelm Von Ismay.

He is being unreasonable. He is calling a theif, he is calling me ignorant. I have told him (in no uncertain terms) that he his not using his moderator position correctly.

I would not oppose to being locked out of threads if he could refrain from calling me a theif, and other such insults. I did not think I was being OOC.... but he is not diascussing it.... calling people a theif is a serious matter and the accused should be able to defend himself.... this had nothing to do with the thread, and was designed to hinder my enjoyment of the game.

I am not allowed to defend myself against his claims. This is completely unacceptable. I use the Meeting Hall to talk with friemnds, if my posts were that bad... he should have warned me through messaging, and I would be careful...

this is the first time I have been told my posts were inappropriate.

calling me a theif had nothing to do with that... he said that simply because he wants to damage my chances at trading. I suspect him of being a cheat...

I have often voiced a different opinion from Von Ismay on a variety of matters.

I do think Combine has been good other than that... the staff are helpful... but, I believe that I am being limited access to forums on a flimsy basis, by an experienced joker


\"Tread with care in foreign lands human, if you are lucky you will only lose your pride.\"
Year 6 Day 289 12:20
sorry if this is the wrong thread...


\"Tread with care in foreign lands human, if you are lucky you will only lose your pride.\"
Year 6 Day 289 13:17
I don't warn. I act. If you wish to train in RP, go to the Whites or ask your faction for assistance. The Meeting Hall is an IC environment, not for OOC tangents like you seem to enjoy. You were doing well until you started to bring up "factions" (an OOC term when discussing corporations, governments, etc) and people CHOOSING to be Wookiees for their strength.

There are plenty of people there who I disagree with or just plain dislike. They continue to post because they have basic concept of what is and what isn't IC.

The standards are the same for everyone. If you can't live up to them, RP on private boards.

As for me being a "cheat"... Hah.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 289 20:14
Seems a bit harsh. This is a game after all. Nothing wrong with helping other people play rather than booting them.

Don't worry Ekoo. You don't actually have to be a crook to get an accusation from Wil. Trust that people are smart enough to make up their own minds about you.

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Year 6 Day 290 4:45
see other thread.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 294 3:44
Lucas Cipher
Lucas Cipher
As far as I remember, WvI is not calling you a thief..He just had doubts about your morality. And the reason of his doubt were Your own words:

I guess theivery is a bad thing, but people are being executed and arrested on the whim of massive factions drunk on their own wealth and power; people like stu Norman is a rare breed. It is still questionable if he did actually steal, even if he did.... so what, he wanted a ship... is that so bad? I dont know who he stole from, but I know stealing a Firespray from a faction normally isn't that big a deal... it is theft for the smaller items that is worrying... when newbies with nothing lose everything because of a theif wants to make a few credits, this can ruin the game for players

As I understand this,you claim that thievery from someone much more richer is acceptable.That doesn't amke you a thief.But if I trade with you and I'm richer than you,could I be 100% you won't steal from me after reading the quote above?How can I tell that you won't find stealing from me 'not a big deal'.
That's why you've a predisposition to be a thief..but you aren't..currently.

For me, end of topic :P

Year 6 Day 295 3:46
Closing this since the main discussion seems to be taking place in the other thread.