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Year 6 Day 290 11:59
Kakashi Saotome
Kakashi Saotome
me and my brother have tried many times to get a multiple account and have even receive permission and still cannot create it...

this is a little annoying... i mean you guys say we can do it yet... stillll..... so im posting it here and also here is the email atttached.

Have him sign up and send me a mail when he has done so, so I can add you as registered multis.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:50 PM
Subject: change to multiple account

hi i would like my account chaged so my brother can play from his computer. my character is
Kakashi Saotome

my brother's account will be
Darsh Schneider
email of his is

we have read the rules and the multi-account rules and understand them. thank you.

Year 6 Day 290 21:37
What happens when he signs up? The account gets declined? If so, with what message?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 290 23:06
Kakashi Saotome
Kakashi Saotome
basically in short word he gets a message that states that he cant due to multi-account rules.....

Year 6 Day 291 3:16
I never received a follow-up mail from you after he signed up, like I requested. What I do is check join requests as soon as I receive a mail. If you aren't sending me a mail, I can't approve the account, since I don't know when the request is being sent.

I'm in the Pacific time zone, for the record, so if you can send it at some point when I'm less likely to be sleeping, that would work out as well.



Year 6 Day 291 13:37
Kakashi Saotome
Kakashi Saotome
ok no problem doing now....

Year 6 Day 293 3:30