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Year 10 Day 153 20:23
I'm having some problems with filtering items, and want to check I'm doing things right for what I want before heading off to the bugbase.

I have 2 different 'runs' of items, each containing 5 cargo containers of items (166 roughly per). One run set has got tags already applied, while the other doesn't. They are in the same city. I want to filter by city to get those items, then filter to remove those items with tags so I'm left with just those I want.

So I set the first filter to the city, and then the second filter (in the same group) filters by tags, using the cross rather than tick on the tagged items. Hit filter, and nothing shows up. Even though there should be 1000+ items there that do not have tags, none show up.

I even tried filtering for items with no tags rather than filtering out tagged items, but the result was the same (or everything showed up - can't remember now).

So, am I doing anything wrong to get what I want, or is it just filters messing up?


Year 10 Day 153 21:02
It sounds like filtering against tags is a wee bit broken. Pop it on the Bug Base please.


Kids these days!
Year 10 Day 153 21:37
Ok thanks Khan - bugbased.