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Year 10 Day 154 6:43
I want to find the market place, i can't seem to find it and i need help because everytime i click the market button on the members guide thing it says i need to be in a certain building. I also need to know how to enter buildings because everytime im next to one and i click on it it gives me this answer that i can reach it and im my guy is adjacent to the building. I could use a lot of help on how to enter a market building so i can buy things, and tips on buying things.

Year 10 Day 154 9:07
The market you mention is just the NPC market. When people die or factions dissolve, entities appear there for sale (though they are usually gone rather quickly).

To buy anything else, you will have to talk to other players/factions. Either use the Commerce Centre on the RPG Centre (check the Traders Lounge as well for tips and scammer warnings), or you can use one of the off-site markets (e.g. Centrepoint Marketplace, Trade Federation Market). Basic items can also be bought from the shopkeeper NPC in shop facilities.