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Year 10 Day 155 6:39
Conina Esmeralda
Conina Esmeralda
When I check a NPC and select "Makeover", no field for reciever show up. Is it just me?


Year 10 Day 155 8:07
I've had that happen occasionally - just select something else there, and then go back to makeover. Probably a bug or something, but at the rate of things that happen when bugs are fixed around here (not blaming the coders, its probably a case of fix one thing, break another) its not that minor to create a fuss about getting it fixed.

That or its something to do with the way the browser or whatever loads it up and 'forgets' that.


Year 10 Day 155 9:48
Conina, Check out the bugbase for something similiar. If this does happen though, and there isn't a bug already started, then please open a new one.

All info you can put in there will be helpful. Remeber to include any and all ID#s too.

Elias, you have it correct with anything in life.

Year 10 Day 156 9:07
Conina Esmeralda
Conina Esmeralda
I think it was something with cookies. A friend helped me but he say that firefox causes the problem. But I did not have this problem before and have not changed firefox settings.


Year 10 Day 157 9:42
Not sure about any probs with Firefox, as I use it religiously.

Year 10 Day 158 6:18
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
The problem is solved so thanks for the input. I was looking over the shoulder of Conina and it seems like some sort of problem with the javascripts (the members menu doesn't collapse/expand as it should and other things) that's caused by her settings on Firefox. The strange thing is that she hasn't changed any settings and previously it all worked fine.