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Year 10 Day 156 13:00
As I recently retired from cooking, I find myself with more and more time on my hands. My kids are growing more independent, and I need an outlet and/or time consumer. I have always been fair at artwork, but have never done anything beyond drawings/sculptures. Looking at some of the graphical images for the ships makes me wish I could do the same, so I ask-

What does it take to be able to create images like the large ones in the ship descriptions?

Year 10 Day 156 18:00
It depends on what sort of level you want to do. Most people who do custom artwork simply take images from the rules pages or other places on the internet, and use a program like Photoshop or GIMP to modify colours and add images etc.

Then there are the people that have a 3D modelling program: some may only know how to manipulate the model, and not actually create it, so download the models from the internet, and modify them there, adding colour etc; and then there are those that are amazing and actually create the 3D model from scratch, but will be the most time intensive, both in learning how to use it, and then making the model.


Year 10 Day 156 18:32
I do not think this is a combine related question. You are better off in the art forum or general forum for this.



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