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Year 10 Day 165 4:12
Ruby Northlight
Ruby Northlight
Hi. While I was waiting for my new faction to pick me up, I rented a vehicle and went to another city. Do I have to go back to the first city and return it to the NPC guy I rented the vehicle? Thanks.

Year 10 Day 165 4:27
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
No, you can just leave it anywhere on the planet.

Year 10 Day 194 9:14
Cador Esgaress
Cador Esgaress
1. which vehicle that let me cross terrain ?
2. i rent wrong one, any idea how to exchange or rent different one ? couse it wont allow me to rent another couse i already have 1

tqvm :)

Year 10 Day 194 9:26
You can cross terrain in anything that moves, including your own two feet. You just have to be at the edge of the city (on the strip of land surrounding the city block).

Year 10 Day 194 9:29
Cador Esgaress
Cador Esgaress
tq mikel. but it take ages, i rent wrong vehicle. terrain restriction, i want to rent another one, but npc said i already have 1.
how do i return what i have now and rent the other one?

Year 10 Day 194 15:31
you can't exchange the vehicle, until you leave the planet. Sorry, but you'll either have to make other transport arraingements, or make do with the vehicle you have

Year 10 Day 194 23:43
What exactly is the problem? If it won't let you cross terrain because the terrain on that side is restricted for your vehicle, try crossing terrain from a different side of the square you're on--such as north rather than east, for example.



Year 10 Day 194 23:51
Cador's problem has been solved from his posts in the other thread.


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Year 11 Day 66 14:57
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