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Archives » I'm arrested and want to be unarrested.
Year 10 Day 168 6:06
Deleted Post
Deleted by Tyler South. Reason: Nevermind, they just responded.
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
If you have been arrested for more than 3 weeks then you should have an option somewhere to drop your character and start again.

If you do not wish to drop your character and instead wish to be free you will have to talk to the faction who arrested you and seek either release or execution (the latter most likely just given not sought).

Year 10 Day 168 6:39
I tried contacting them, but they ignore my messages. They believed some idiots and think I'm a spy.

Edited By: Tyler South on Year 10 Day 169 6:54
Unfortunately there is not much else you can do. If you've contacted the faction that arrested you and theiy ignore you or whatever, then you can only wait for the 3 week period before you can drop your character.


Do I lost the credits and CPs I earned with this character when I drop them?

Kal Djin
Kal Djin
Credits and any other assets would be lost as they belong to the character you would drop. CPs would be kept as they are attached to your account and not your character.

Ok, good. I needed to be sure.

Baniss Keeg
Baniss Keeg
harsh life eh