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Year 10 Day 169 12:52
Lucius Kylani
Lucius Kylani
I seem to be stuck on the following ship:YT-1760 Moonbeamer ID# (i don't seem to have the ship id# but i have the room id# i am in if that helps. (Normal (10057181))

I have contacted the owner several times with no word in reply. I was hoping you might assist me in getting unstuck and out of the ship?

Edited By: Lucius Kylani on Year 10 Day 169 12:56

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Year 10 Day 169 13:53
Lucius Kylani, maybe you can note down here for how long you are stuck in that ship.
In the past admin had been helpful and dislocated characters that had been stuck for at least 3 weeks.


Year 10 Day 169 15:45
Warning, it would mean losing your character and starting over again.

To contact admin please email assistants@swcombine.com.



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Year 10 Day 169 18:17
Moving stuck characters means a respawn? Is this something new? I was under the impression that the existing character was just relocated off the ship they were stuck on.

Year 10 Day 169 18:35
I believe it's been considered the same as being arrested for quite some time, now. You may have been trapped on the ship (or since more recently behind a locked door, or under a planetary shield) deliberately, and Admin intervention to free such a person is inappropriate.


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Year 10 Day 170 0:49
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
The only other potential solution in that case is to ask somebody to fly to your location and pick you up. If you were once pilot then you will know roughly where you are to give coordinates. If you were a passenger have you checked the sim news to see if your pilot has been recently banned?