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Year 10 Day 169 14:04
i don't know how to use facilities. if u can, please explain me shortly or longly:) thanks.


Year 10 Day 169 14:53
Well, as of yet there's no way to use a facility other than collect income from it or produce in it. Let's say you have an office,tavern,hotel or casino these are income producing facilities, which basically exist to make you money. On the other hand factories, bactarefinement centers and mines serve to help you produce something.

Year 10 Day 169 15:03
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Also most if not all facilities allow you to hire NPC's.

To do that just enter the facility and press 'Action' and then 'Hire NPCs'

Year 10 Day 169 16:01
But did you tell how to actual use a facility?
First we need to know if the facility is owned by yourself or if you are visiting a facility or if you were assigned a facility and of course what type would be useful as well.



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Year 10 Day 169 23:18
First of all, we need to know what you mean by "use a facility" ... what exactly do you intend to do with the facility, and with which facility type?


Year 10 Day 175 6:02
If you don't mind, I also want to ask some questions about facilities.

Some of them are used to produce (credits, NPCs, raw materials) and the rest? like houses, palaces...

What is the manager role?

The operator can help you to earn more credits with his skills but, does the recive something for that? I mean, money or something.

Can you tell me the difference between open the facility to Crewlist and to all?

Finally, what is the debt paid of? and the debt?

Thanks for you time and help.

Year 10 Day 175 9:01
ok, in facilities that make income, managers get the income (operators don't and neither do owners, unless they are also manager). Managers can also modify various things like the open status, assign operators etc. For production/mining facilities depending on who owns it, the manager/operator needs to be a specific faction/person.

Operator earns nothing for operating a facility, unless the owner wants to give them something.

Open to all means anyone can enter the facility, and is required for a facility to make income. Open to crewlist means nobody can enter the facility except those people/factions that you put on the crewlist of the facility.

Debt is caused when an income making facility is on a planet with bad stats that causes it to loose money rather than make it. You have to manually pay it off. I am unsure if you have to pay it off to allow it to make positive income once the planets stats are fixed - though at a guess you would have to.


Year 10 Day 175 12:04
To add to Ellias' last point, the debt will automatically be paid out of the income once the planet stats are fixed - that's the Debt Paid Off figure.

Of course if you rack up too much debt before the stats are fixed, you can lose the facility to the market. You'd have to look at the rules for the exact values.


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Year 10 Day 175 17:41
Thanks for the quick answer both of you. You've really helped me.