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Archives » Identification Friend or Foe, some images not loading
Uh, I've noticed about half of the images of the green or red aren't loading. I've tried CTRL+F5 but I think it may be a wrong URL. =)

which entity are you in (ship/vehicle/facility) and on which of the scanner pages aren't they loading (the main scanner page or the detailed scanner page)?


yea I notcied to that it happpens to me all the time, its usually whenever I scan any place. it happens when im in my ship and when I was just walking around on a planet.

and im pretty sure it was the main scanner page.

Well, you can either wait 2-3 days until i'm out of hyperspace and can do a scan myself, or help me out and give me some details to fix it :P

1) I'll need to know where the images don't appear (main scanner or detailed scanner).
2) I'll need to know the URL where the image URLs are pointed to (where the aren't).
3) I'll need to know what you're scanning from (ship/vehicle/station/facility).


Odd, they work now that I'm on a speeder. It's the one on the right side which lists friendly and enemy vehicles/ships. I think I was on a capital ship, YV-666. Also, I notice everytime I enter either vehicles or ships, the friend image doesn't load if they're friendly ships/vehicles.